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Coconut Grove Montessori Toddlers

Montessori Miami-15Maria Montessori characterized the first three years of life as the period when maximum developmental absorption occurs. This is why toddler classrooms are designed in such a way as to provide a nurturing, secure and challenging environment. Maria Montessori Montessori Miami-10believed that a prepared environment in which impediments to development were removed and where children were allowed to freely discover their needs and tendencies formed the first basis to education. Each class is led by a Montessori-Trained Lead Teacher who is credentialed by the American Montessori Society and holds a minimum of a Bachelor Degree. In addition, there are either one or two assistants in each classroom

Our Montessori Toddler environment is designed for children 18 months to three years of age. It is a place for toddlers to discover their independence in a safe and purposefully planned classroom while working with age appropriate lessons and enjoying second language instruction as part of their curriculum.The Toddler school day begins with individual instruction and independent work for a period of about 2 hours. The toddlers frequently work in small groups, or with a teacher who presents lessons according to child-readiness. Midmorning, the children gather as a group for snack time where they assist in the preparation of the snack and table setting.

CGMS Pamphlet 010They serve themselves and clean up after themselves. Grace, courtesy, and table manners are modeled and encouraged by the teachers. Parents take turns providing a healthy snack each day for the entire class.  A water dispenser with fresh spring water and cups are available to the children throughout the school day. In addition, toddlers spend 30 minutes outside in the playground, and time is allowed for toilet training.  Since music and circle time are an important part of the curriculum, to round out the morning, the children engage in musical activities, using prerecorded children’s music and various musical instruments. Circle time activities also include phonemic activities, movement and dance, stories and songs in preparation for language arts readiness.


The CGMS Toddler program is flexible and comprehensive. It is comprised of three classrooms each providing flexible scheduling options: half day program (8:30-11:30), full day program (8:30-2:30).  In addition, we offer the option of attending 3 times a week, 4 times a week or 5 times a week. Once you have decided what your schedule needs are, you will also have the choice of 2 different language programs to meet your family’s specific desires. We offer Bilingual English/Spanish speaking classrooms and Spanish Immersion classrooms. The English/Spanish bilingual program delivers all instruction and activities using the “One Parent – One Language” approach wherein one teacher speaks exclusively English while the other teacher speaks exclusively Spanish. The Spanish immersion program concentrates on developing oral language fluency in Spanish within the Montessori curriculum.

Process for Registration
1.  Click here for our Admission Application Form

Following receipt of Admission Application Form, the school will contact you to schedule Enrollment Meeting.

2.  Enrollment Meeting With One Or Both Parents

During Enrollment Meeting, the following forms are required:

Florida Pediatrician Forms (2 forms – immunization schedule form DH680, and general health form DH3040-CHP-07-2013)

Copy of Birth Certificate or Passport Page Documenting Age

Identification of Parent

Copy of Medical Insurance Card

3.  Meet the Teacher
4.  First day of School

Schedules and Tuition  / August to June

Half Day (8:30-11:30) Annual Tuition $11,450  or $1,145 per month

Full Day (8:30-2:30) Annual Tuition $13,300 or $1,330 per month

Partial week schedules available.  Toddler After School Care is only available at our Bird Avenue campus until 5:30p.m. at a monthly cost of $350 or $25/daily.
Tuition may be paid annually, semi-annually, or monthly.

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