Safe Trick or Treating Tips

Coconut Grove Montessori School

Coconut Grove Montessori School’s Safe Trick or Treating Tips

As we countdown to the heebie-jeebie holiday that has always given parents pause, here at Coconut Grove Montessori School; we’ve put together our top tips to keeping Halloween fun and safe:

Safe Trick or Treating Tip #1 The Little Ghoul’s Get-Up

  • No Dark Costumes: If trick or treating at night, choose a light-colored costume that can be seen easily. If a dark costume is a must, add reflective tape or glow-in-the-dark tape to the front and back of your child’s costume.
  • The Essentials: Make sure no part of the costume can become a problem by covering your kids’ eyes, noses, or mouths.
  • Anti-Fire: Look for costumes that are labeled “flame-retardant” or otherwise material that won’t burn. Consider nylon or polyester materials if you’re going to make a costume as the material is flame-retardant.
  • Watch the Props: One thing you want to safeguard against is your kid accidentally hurting themselves or other children. If your little ones are carrying around staffs, swords or wands, be sure that the props are short and flexible.
  • Comfy shoes! Avoid oversized and high-heeled shoes that could cause kids to trip. Make sure the rest of the costume fits well because anything that doesn’t fit right, won’t help them walk right.
  • Avoid Masks: Masks aren’t the best choice for kids as they can make it difficult for them to see and sometimes even breathe. Instead, use nontoxic face paint or makeup. Sometimes face paint may irritate skin. Before applying to his or her face, test the paint your kid’s arm or hand. Have the little one draw out a design that they would like to wear that night. 


Safe Trick or Treating Tip #2 Pumpkin-Carving Precautions

  • No-No to Carving Tools: Obviously, don’t let your kids use knives or carving tools. Make sure they know everyone has their part in this project. Little kids can use a black marker and design the face right on the pumpkin, older kids can do some carving and you can finish it off.
  • Enjoy from afar: Once the carving is in session, keep your kids at a safe distance to avoid accidents with sharp objects.
  • Operation Extract: Most kids will beg to remove the guts of the pumpkin so rule if they just have to do it, let your little ones get messy by scooping out pumpkin flesh with their hands or an ice cream scoop.
  • Beware of Pumpkin Guts: It’s clean-up time and pumpkin flesh is slippery! Don’t end up on the floor by keeping your carving area neat and lay down a few layers of newspaper or cloth to avoid the spills and make for a quick and easy pick up later.
  • Fire Away: Say farewell to flames and candles. Any kind of fire source can cause a fire. A burning candle in a pumpkin may become a blazing fire and may damage or rot the pumpkin sooner. Use a glow stick which you can find in a multitude of colors or even a flameless candle. These make illuminating a jack-o’-lantern more interesting and safe.


Safe Trick or Treating Tip #3 Trick-or-Treat Time

  • Know they Number: As a precaution, make sure your child knows your cell phone number or home telephone number.
  • Geo-Tracking: If you can’t go with your kids and you’re having another adult trick-or-treat with your child, know the exact location and route they’ll be taking and when they’ll be coming home. Here are a few more Geo-Tracking ideas since this is the most nerve-wracking experience for many parents:
    • Insist the adult has a cell phone, for older kids, you can install a tracking software on smartphones. Make sure they have GPS turned on and you’re set.
    • Have them go out in a group that stays together. Keeping together is key.
    • Don’t take any shortcuts, no alleyways or backyard jumping
    • Trick or treat at houses that have porch lights on but also, walk on sidewalks of well-lit streets.
    • Always walk facing traffic when walking on roads
    • No running. Walk from house to house
    • Stay clear of anything that is a potential fire hazard (candles, torches, etc.)
    • Drivers can make mistakes too so don’t assume that vehicles will see you and stop. Cross the street at crosswalks only.
    • Give your kids flashlights with brand new batteries.
    • Have your kids wear glow sticks as bracelets or necklaces.
  • Inspection Time: Your kids are now safe and at home with their bag of goodies. Time to check all treats.  See that their treats are properly sealed well for safety. Throw out treats with holes or torn packages, anything that’s spoiled, good-bye and anything that’s homemade, get rid of it unless you know who the gift-giver was.
  • Choke Hazards Beware: Don’t allow young children to have hard candy or gum that could cause choking.
  • Keep your Castle Trick-or-Treat Safe: Make sure other trick-or-treaters will be safe when visiting your home. Even if you have the sweetest pets on the planet, it’s best to keep them away from trick-or-treaters. Remove objects that could inspire a bad trip or fall on your walkway or lawn. Keep the lights on outside your house and any other areas that keep kids and other parents safe from walking up an unfamiliar home’s front door.  


Safe Trick or Treating Tip #4 Trick-or-Treat Time

  • Prepare and offer a filling meal before your kids head out. This way they won’t wolf down too much or all of their treats in one night.
  • Don’t store candy in their bedrooms.
  • Let them know Halloween candy is a rare treat and have a plan for how the rest of the candy will be enjoyed.
  • Don’t leave big bags or bowls of candy at reach. Instead, give them 2 or 3 pieces a day.
  • Consider giving some of the treats away.

With these quick tips in mind, you tiny goblins, witches and ghosts should be able to enjoy a hauntingly memorable and safe Halloween.



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