A Proactive Approach to those Back to School Fears

Back to School Fears - Coconut Grove Montessori Miami

An action-packed and fun approach to shaking off back to school fears. 

Speak the Language

To comfort your child and curb those back to school fears, there’s a language at school.  Learn the language and use it. At school, every activity is given a name. Use the same language at home to build that association at home. For example, when you sit and paint with your child, call it “art-time” or when enjoying a snack, call it “snack-time.” 


Create an Adventure

Excite your child every day about the trip to school. Whether it’s a ride on the school bus, a trip with you in the car or just walking to school; make it a voyage.  Make sure it’s always going to be fun to go to school. Therefore, your excitement will give him the confidence to approach each school day with excitement.


Art vs Back to School Fears

This isn’t only fun but creates a quick bond with this teacher. Get things ready and have some “art-time” with your child so she can give it to her teacher on the first day of school. It’s a great way to keep your child top-of-mind and heart with the teacher plus, she’ll love seeing her artwork displayed right away. A positive and rewarding gesture both the teacher and your child will appreciate.


Rewards and Reinforcement

Nothing says I’m a big kid now like some new gear and school supplies, ready to take on the world. Going to stores and shopping with your child is a big deal. Get her that new backpack, a box of crayons, notebooks and anything else you can afford. Get her excited about school. It’s important she knows all of this is for school but don’t wait for school to start to have her enjoy all her new things. Have her explore all her new supplies and gear right away. The more you can reinforce the idea that school is fun, the less they’ll experience those back to school fears.


Always Remember:

Most important of all, make going to school an adventurous and eventful process, not just a date on your calendar.



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