Exercise those First Day Jitters with a Little Exploration.

First Day Jitters - Coconut Grove Montessori Miami

Exploration is a wonderful way to ease the Fear of First Day Jitters.

Take the Grand Tour

First start with making your child familiar with his new home away from home. The better acquainted he is with this new place, the sooner he’ll shake those first day jitters. Take your child for a visit to the school. Once there, go room by room mentioning all the activities he’ll be engaged in each day. Spend time in the playground as this will be one places he’ll enjoy the most.


Go Play by Play

While on your tour, be specific about where they are and what they’ll be doing in each room. When visiting our music room, show them the instruments they’ll learn to play, in the robotics room; tell them of all the fun mechanized little friends they’ll get to make and so on. Most of all, make it exciting, make it adventurous and get them involved with the thought of all that they’ll enjoy. 


Summer Playtime

Take your child over to the school several times throughout the summer to enjoy the playground and the other kids. In this way, they get used to their new surroundings while making some new friends. Be sure to get to know their new friend’s name. You never know when you may need your child’s friend to back you up by saying something like, “Look, isn’t that Sammy playing in the sandbox?” to make school a more familiar and safe place. As a result, those first day jitters should be at bay come the first day.


Attend the Meet and Greet

This is a personal way to connect new students and their parents with some face to face time with teachers.  Spend time chatting with your child’s teachers to show her this is someone you trust. This kind of engagement usually makes it easier for your child to form an attachment to her teacher. To ease any lingering first day jitters, remind her of the Meet and Greet function to reinforce safety and familiarity.


Always Remember:

Most important of all, make going to school an adventurous and eventful process, not just a date on your calendar.



Since 1998 Coconut Grove Montessori has been among the most esteemed and highly reviewed Toddler, Preschool and Elementary Montessori schools in Miami-Dade. Our success is credited to closely following the principles of Maria Montessori’s approach as well as our teachers who are committed to the Montessori philosophy. We have two campuses; our Toddler Coconut Grove Montessori School on Bird Avenue and our Preschool & Elementary Coconut Grove Montessori on 27th Avenue. Contact us to schedule a tour of both our Montessori Campuses today.

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