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Our Elementary Classrooms are a dynamic environment designed to motivate children, ages 6 to 11 years, to reach their academic potential at their own pace.  Lessons in the areas of language arts, mathematics, geography, botany, zoology and cultural studies are fundamental to the curriculum. Enrichment activities include computer instruction, yoga, music, robotics, physical education, and art. In addition, Elementary Students benefit from daily instruction in the world language of their choice: Spanish, Chinese Mandarin or French instruction.

The elementary program offers a continuum built on the preschool experience. The environment reflects a new stage of development and offers the following:

Students in fourth and fifth grades begin a transition to a more abstract form of learning emphasizing competencies and study skills to support a successful transition to Middle School. Every student is required to have an iPad as research, writing, and broad subject matter is integrated with technology and becomes a tool used increasingly as part of the curriculum. Formal grades are reported quarterly, and students take the Stanford Achievement Standardized Test annually.

1.  Click here for our Admission Application Form

Following receipt of the Admission Application, the school will contact you to schedule your child’s readiness assessment visit.

2.  Readiness assessment visit

This visit is usually a full day from 9:00a.m.-3:00p.m.

3.  Enrollment Meeting With One Or Both Parents

During Enrollment Meeting, the following forms are required:

Florida Pediatrician Forms (2 forms – immunization schedule form DH680, and general health form DH3040-CHP-07-2013)

Copy of Birth Certificate or Passport Page Documenting Age

Identification of Parent

Copy of Medical Insurance Card

4.  Meet the Teacher
5.  First Day of School

Schedule and Tuition

August to June Annual Tuition $15,750 or $1575 per month.     After School Care until 5:30p.m. available for our students at an annual cost of $3,500 or $25/daily.     Tuition may be paid annually, semi-annually, or monthly.

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