Helping ease your Preschooler’s Back to School Jitters.

Back to School Jitters - Coconut Grove Montessori Miami

Here are four quick tips for those Back to School Jitters.

Prepare Mentally

Helping ease your preschooler’s Back to School Jitters.  Prepare mentally and remember your first day of middle school. Visualize deeply as this should ready you for understanding the concerns your 3-year-old may have. We all can struggle with change but among young children, the struggle is more intense. They rely on you to solve all their problems. Leaving the safety of life at home for a new environment, with a new set of people and rules can be frightening. Set your mind to that of your child’s point of view to better approach their anxiety.


Specificity is the Key

You want to ease every jitterbug in your child’s mind the best way possible. Being specific about their typical day at school is a great way to do this. Remember that “School” is at this time an abstract concept so try to stay away from making general statements as it will leave more room for more uncertainty.  Instead, be specific about all the fun activities you child will be engaged in. Tell him about the games he’ll play with other kids, the great new things he’ll learn from his teachers and the value of that. Most important of all; let him know that you’ll be there to pick him up after school and take him home. The specifics should help ease the tension of “the unknown”.


Be Positive and Praise Good Behavior

Don’t underestimate your child’s ability to pick on cues and clues concerning her first day at school. In other words, don’t let her overhear you telling someone, “I’m worried she’ll be missing me all day.” Stay positive around her and when she’s not around so that the good vibes are all around. This will provide comfort and strength for both of you. In addition to staying strong, now is a good time to praise her for all the good things she does when she’s at home and remind her to do the same at school. You can’t overdo this. This will provide your child with some great positive reinforcement, set some patterns in place for good behavior around other kids and rid her of the back to school jitters.


Take your Child Down Memory Lane  

Nothing shoos away those back to school jitters like share your own experiences with your child. Firsthand accounts of your days in school will create understanding and familiarity with his circumstances. Get into the details of your experiences, you’ll see how relating to you will take a whole new meaning. Connecting to your child in this way will also be rewarding as fond memories surface along with ideas that you might want to share with your little one.


Always Remember:

Most important of all, make going to school an adventurous and eventful process, not just a date on your calendar.



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